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Most people may not have the technical knowledge to carry out an electric car conversion on their own. In this case, the retrofitting can be outsourced to a mechanic. To be prudent, you should have at least some understanding on the science of electric car retrofitting. EZ Battery Reconditioning This is ensure you are not being charged for unnecessary parts or work done on the car.How do you build your own electric car from your home garage? If you own a car, you will be concerned about the gasoline prices. With the limited crude oil supply, gas prices are expected to go up and down in the near future. The gasoline bill can be a large portion of a household expense because an average American family has more than one car.

Many car enthusiasts are exploring the concept of using an electric vehicle (EV) for their daily commute. Unfortunately, the current models of new electric car from the manufacturer are still expensive and not very practical. Most of them falls under a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) which are slow and basically is a souped up golf cart. For practical usage, one can convert their existing gasoline driven car to run purely on electricity.To build your own electric car, all you have to do is to removed the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. Without the engine, other components such as gas tank, exhaust pipe, fuel lines and radiators have no usage can to be removed as well.

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